Thursday, November 05, 2009


So today, I was planning to go out for another walk with Steve. We're trying to take advantage of the good weather as long as it lasts, and it's been a very enjoyable form of exercise. I picked up Steve this afternoon, and we headed out in my car to the trail we've been walking.

On the way there, Steve asked if I could stop at the bank for him, which I did. While he was inside, Erin B called my cell, so I was talking to her for a few minutes. Erin had a little oops last night and locked her keys in her car. She ended up having to call a locksmith and pay $75 for him to spend 30 seconds unlocking her door, which really sucked. So she was telling me about this as Steve came back to the car. I asked her how that had happened, because I thought most new cars made it pretty hard to lock your keys in now. For example, I said, you couldn't possibly lock your keys in my car, because you had to use the key to lock the driver's side door. She explained the mechanism in her car, I said "ahh" and shortly got off the phone and Steve and I continued on to our destination.

So we get there, a place maybe 5km from Gord's house, where we left from. It's out on Bissett Road, kind of on the edges of the city. Steve got out and locked both of the doors on his side of the car. Both doors on my side of the car were unlocked. I got out of the car, closed and locked the door. Tossed the keys in my purse. I opened the back door and put my purse on the back seat as I put on my jacket. As I went to lock that door, a little voice in the back of my head told me to be careful. "Oh ho!" I said to myself. "I will not be so foolish as to lock my keys in the car like Erin did!" So I was extra careful to make sure that the keys were in my purse, and the purse was in my hand, before I locked and closed the door. Hah! I had fully locked my car, and did not lock my keys in the car. Fear not, little voice in my head, I had not been so foolish!

Then I pulled open the trunk, which I had popped before I got out of the car, and put my purse in it. And closed the trunk. This is what I have done on every walk we've taken, because I don't like to carry my purse as we walk, and don't want to leave it just sitting in plain view in the car. However, I put the keys in my pocket usually.

So I realized what I had done even before the lid of the trunk had closed. It was that moment when you know what you've done, and you have just enough time to regret your idiocy before the lid of the trunk slams down, protecting your purse from passers-by, and protecting your car from the chance that you might drive it home because now your keys are safely locked in the trunk.

The look on my face as I realized that I had just locked my keys in the trunk of the car, not 10 minutes after telling Erin how unlikely it is that you will lock your keys in my car, must have tipped Steve off to what I had done, because he looked as stunned as I felt as he stared at me. A choice curse word or three escaped my lips. Then Steve and I cracked up laughing. It was so ridiculous that there wasn't much else to be done for it.

Steve then shrugged and said "Well, we came out here for a walk anyway", and we started walking back to Gord's. I had my cell phone in it's holster on my hip, so I called mom to postpone the supper plans I had with her, as there was no way I was making them now (sorry mom :( ). I then sent Alan a text message (he was in class til 6:30) to call me when he could. The plan was that I would have to get Alan to get to Gord's after class, so we could go back to the car and use his key to get into it.

Then of course, we ended up taking a huge side track on the walk back to Gord's. Bissett Road, at least that section of it, is not pedestrian-friendly, with no sidewalk and a narrow shoulder. We decided to take a trail that, according to it's map, ran parallel to the road, and eventually came out where the sidewalk started. However, turned out that the map was not entirely representative of the trail, and we ended up taking this long loop that just put us back where we started before we found the actual trail we wanted, adding probably another 2km or so to our trip.

We did make it back safe and sound, and in very good humor all things considered. We didn't actually walk any further than we would have on our normal walk anyway, and I hung out with Gord and Steve til Alan got off school. Gord is pretty sick right now, so Erin drove me out to the bridge bus terminal, where Alan got dropped off by a friend. She then drove Alan and I out to our car, and we retrieved my purse and headed home.

Lesson for the day: karma is a bitch. Never say never, and tempt the universe to show you just how possible it is for you to lock your keys in the car =P


Bev G said...

Great post, Honey, hilarious that we're both blogging about the same thing!


Jacki said...

Update your blog! lol

Or call me!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Erin I love this story! You really need to do a guest post on my blog! I think people will find it hilarious!