Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Yup, it's turkey day again. What's funny is I've had two Thanksgiving dinners now, and no turkey at all. Lots of other deliciousness though!

Alan and I went over to dad's last night and had our first dinner with them. They knew we were having dinner with mom tonight too, so CJ decided to make lasagna instead of a turkey, so that we wouldn't have turkey twice in a row. Dinner was very good, as was dessert ( I <3 pumpkin pie), and it was good to have a nice visit with them :)

Dinner tonight was at mom's, and Rick's daughter Gwen joined us too, with her daughter Maya. Mom decided to make a ham instead of a turkey, which was delicious. And more pumpkin pie of course. Mom had also made a raisin pie, which I also like, and I took most of it home. Mom also gave me a big chunk of the ham to take home, so at some point this week I intend to make pea soup with it. Yum!

The only really big news from the last few days is that I finally took my motorcycle out on the road for the first time today. By out on the road, I mean off of the little side streets around my house, and onto the busy, main roads. As busy as they get on a holiday anyway. I drove around the neighbor hood a few times to get my nerves settled (haven't been on the bike for a week due to battery issues and rain), and then headed up to the gas station. The bike only needed $8 of gas, but now it's full so I can reset the trip meter and finally figure out how many kilometers I can get out of a tank. For those who don't know, motorcycles don't generally have gas gauges, so you have to judge the fullness of your tank by the distance you've traveled.

So it was just a quick trip around the neighborhood, then to the gas station and back, but it was a big step for me. These little trips are slowly building my skills and my confidence. I'd rather do it slowly and carefully like this than just try to take a massive trip all at once. I'm feeling really good about things, and will hopefully get out a bit more this week. I also learned that I need better gloves if I'm going to ride in these temperatures. It wasn't really cold out, but my hands were freezing even from a 10 minute trip.

Tomorrow I intend to get a cover for the bike, and I may go look at how much a warmer pair of gloves will cost me too.

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Jacki said...

I love your hair! I think that's a smart idea, to keep it red forever, it suits you.

Tell Erin that I don't believe the basement is haunted so that she has all the opinions and can make an informed decision to determine how scared she should be, lol