Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Social time

Good evening!

As implied by the title, today was a day of visiting and social time with friends and family. It was nice :)

We had a nice lazy morning, having breakfast with Nanny. Once we were up and around, I called my other grandmother, Nana, to find out when I could visit her today. I ended up dropping Erin off at Steve's, then heading over to Nana's to visit with her and Arnold for a bit. I couldn't stay there long, as Nana had an appointment in the afternoon, but I was able to have a bite of lunch with them and catch up a bit. It was a good little visit and they seemed very pleased to see me.

After leaving Nana's I went to find Steve and Erin, who had gone out for walk, and we went back to Steve's house a while. We eventually headed back to Nanny's, as she was making pot roast for supper and didn't mind feeding a few extra people (Steve has enough of an appetite that he counts as a few people). We went for a nice walk down part of the Trans-Canada trail that runs near Nanny's house while we waited for supper. We saw lots of birds, including ducks and a heron, and I'm pretty sure I saw an eagle flying too, but I can't prove that as it was a ways off. It was a lovely sunny day though, perfect for a nice walk.

Supper was excellent, of course. It always is at Nanny's house. I took Steve home shortly after dinner, as Erin and I talked him into coming back to Halifax with us for a visit (and possibly for longer), and he needed to get his laundry and packing done. On my way back to Nanny's, I stopped at my aunt's house to visit her and my cousin Emma (Billy is out of town), but Emma had skating tonight and they weren't home. Ah well, hopefully I will catch up with them next time.

The rest of the evening was me, Erin and Nanny having what Nanny called a "stitch 'n bitch". Erin and I were cross-stitching, Nanny was knitting, and we watched TV and chatted. It sounds so domestic and the opposite of cool, but it's really nice to do that once in a while. It's one of the reason I love coming to Nanny & Grampy's. And now I am sitting in bed writing a blog entry before I go to sleep to rest up for the trip home tomorrow.

Look at me, posting two days in a row...the world must be ending ;) I will post again from home, where I should be tomorrow!

Edit - Oh, extra comment that Jacki's comment reminded me of. Erin passed the night in the basement uneventfully, and is dubious as to the extent of the haunting in the basement ;)


Deb said...

Erin must be a SOUND SLEEPER! I don't know anyone who has had a good night's sleep in that basement!

Jacki said...

lol, you know me Aunt Debbie!! I've had lots of good sleeps down there :P I've only ever had bad dreams in your old bedroom!

Anonymous said...

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