Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Proving a point

So as most of you probably know, I enjoy bowling. I've been in a league on Sunday nights for four years now. I like to think I'm pretty decent at it. I was in two leagues for a while, and my average got pretty high while I was in two leagues, up to 103. Last year I was only in one, and my average dropped down to 97, which made me sad after finally breaking 100 the year before. So, I decided this year to join a second league again. I wanted one closer to home though...my Sunday league is in Woodside, which is a fair trip from here. I don't mind making it because I adore my Sunday league-mates, but I decided that if I was going to do a second league, I wanted it closer to home.

So two weeks ago I went to a bowling alley over in the Halifax Shopping Center, which is like 5 minutes from my house, and just went to the counter and asked if they had any leagues still looking for people. The gentleman there said they did, and he could take my name, number and the nights I could bowl, and find a league for me. I told him I wanted Tuesday or Thursday nights. He asked if I was in any other leagues, and what my average in them. I told him I bowled in Woodside, and that my average last year had been 97.

This is when a surprising thing happened.

The guy looks me in the eye and says "Well you bowl in Woodside, so that's inflated", and then writes my average down as being 94. My face must have reflected the incredulity I was feeling, as he followed that up with a sympathetic look and said "Trust me, you'll see." I regained my composure, thanked him for taking my info and left, wondering if I was going to be sorry I'd signed up for a league at this alley. I was also definitely feeling like if I was going to bowl here, I was going to have to show them that my average is anything but inflated.

So I recieved a call from a league last week who told me they had a spot, and that they bowl Tuesday at 7. Tonight was my first night there. I was a little worried because of the attitude of the person I spoke to at the desk, but happily that seems to have been unfounded. The team I was on were all really friendly, and a bit rowdy, which is how I like my bowling. That's what my Sunday league is like, and it's so fun. They do seem a bit more competative than my Sunday team, but that's ok too, since I'm wanting to be in two leagues for the purpose of improving.

I started off the night bowling alright, with my first game being a 90. That is perfectly respectable, and I didn't expect the first game to be spectacular anyway. These were lanes I haven't bowled in since I was a kid doing tournaments, and every alley has a slightly different set up and feel to it, which takes some getting used to. I also had the nervousness of being the new girl in a club, which never helps.

My second game was a 102, which is a score I will never complain about. Anything 95+ is what I expect of myself, and that was at least enough that I felt I do actually have skill, not an inflated average.

The third game, I proved a point. I got 4 spares and a strike, and ended the game with a 124. Suck on that "oh that's inflated" guy. Tell me my average should be 94, and I end up bowling a 105 average. Of course, a 105 probably really is inflated, but that's ok. I just feel validated. I have skills, not a bowling alley that has easy-falling pins!


Bev G said...

OMG I just love you! Good going little gear, you show them!

Deb said...

Way to go! You show them!


Jacki said...

I didn't realize you'd gotten so good! Sorry about the haters. I hope you tell him what you bowled and that he was wrong to underestimate you so that he doesn't try to pull that on the next person that just wants to join a league. I can't imagine why the guy who works at the bowling counter feels the need to intimidate people by demeaning their accomplishments. That has to be the lamest power trip I have ever heard of.