Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello from Moncton

Yup, I'm in Moncton again. I was supposed to have a conference here tomorrow, and had planned on spending some extra time here with family and friends, and then they cancelled the conference. I decided that since I had planned on being away anyway, there was no reason to change my travel plans, so here I am!

Actually there was one change, and that is that I brought my friend Erin with me. She is currently downstairs, sleeping on the sofa in the basement. I did warn her that the basement is haunted (according to several members of my family that have lived here for long periods of time), but she didn't seem concerned. I had thought that she might enjoy the chance to have a change of scenery, and to be able to visit with Steve, and I was right :) I am glad to have her company while I am here too.

So there hasn't been too much going on lately, thus the lack of posting. I never see the point in posting "today was the same as yesterday pretty much", I always want to wait until I have some things to report. A few fun things happened this weekend. First, I dyed my hair red...well really I gave the dye to Erin and she dyed my hair for me. The point is, my hair is now red again! As soon as I saw it red, I wondered how I ever stopped dying it. I was meant to be a redhead, I love it so much. Erin took this picture for me...it doesn't capture the intensity of the red very well, but we were having trouble getting decent lighting that showed it off, and this was the best we could do. The important thing is that my hair is red again, brighter than it looks in this pic, and my intention at this point is that my hair will now be red for the rest of my life ;)

The other big thing is a motorcycle thing (sorry mom!). I took the bike out the other day for a short cruise in a sunny break between rain showers (I did end up getting a cover for it, so it was dry). I hit another new milestone in that I went out on Northwest Arm Drive, near my house, where the speed limit is 80 km/h. I had never gone that fast before, so it was another step up the ladder to driving confidence. This was after a short drive on some of the real roads in normal traffic situations too. I even had to stop at a red light on a hill, with the bike stuck in second gear (been having some trouble with first and second gear). I was terrified I was going to stall it, trying to start from a full stop in second, as I'd never done it before. It went fine though, I got the bike going no problem. Overall, it was another great confidence booster and I think I'll be ready for real trips around town just in time for the riding season to be officially over =P

I have to say though, my first thought when I got my motorcycle up to 80 wasn't "Holy crap this is too fast", like I thought it would be. Instead, it was "So this is why I need a windshield!". Wow does the wind ever amplify at that speed versus 50 km/h on normal roads. Brilliant me, though, never stopped to think that I did have a visor on my helmet I could have lowered, which would have made things easier. I will remember next time though. I would still want a windshield though, for the wind pounding on the rest of me. And a backrest for the seat...it would be nice to not feel like the wind was going to blow me off the bike! (No, the wind will not actually blow me off the bike, it's just the feeling. If the wind hit you that hard your hand would slip off the throttle, slowing the bike down, and allowing you to regain control. Just wanted to throw that out there.)

So that's the news for now, other than being in Moncton with my grandparents. We had a nice supper with them when we got here, before going out with Steve later in the evening. We ended up going to see Zombieland, which was very enjoyable. Comparable to Shawn of the Dead, though I think Shawn is funnier. It was campy fun though, and definitely worth seeing. Woody Harrelson was awesome in it, and there is a cameo in the movie that is just hilarious. I won't name the cameo though, it would wreck the moment if you haven't seen it. It's great.

I will probably post again tomorrow to tell you of our Moncton exploits. I know, posts two days in a row? Unthinkable! I intend for it to happen though. Stay tuned :)

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