Thursday, September 03, 2009

This is not where I expected to be...

So we had a great day with Jacki and John in Toronto yesterday. When we got there, we chatted and got caught up, and got to see their apartment. It's very nice, I think they've got a really good lace. Jacki showed us around her neighborhood a little later. She's got incredible little shops and restaurants all over the place around her building, and it's on top of a mall to boot. I got a couple of cute pairs of earrings at one of the places we went.

When John got home we went for supper at this awesome place called the Pickle Barrel. I had never heard of it before but I guess it's part of a chain. They had a huge menu, and every type of food under the sun. It was all really good. After dinner we went to a comedy club that I can't remember the name of. It was amateur night, and we saw 5 different comedians, who were then followed up by one of the writers from the Mercer Report. The first guy and the last two were really good, but the few in the middle were pretty bad. That said, over all it was really fun, and it's something I hadn't done before. We had a really good night, all told.

Unfortunately, we had to go to bed really early, as we had to be up and on the road early this morning if we were to get to Moncton at a reasonable hour as planned. We were in the car by 7am, and completely avoided the rush hour in Toronto. Things went exactly as planned and we were making good time...until we hit Montreal.

Remember when I was posting about going to World Con, and how I had previously had nothing but bad experiences in Montreal? Yeah, happened again. I've decided that traveling *to* Montreal and spending time there, but trying to pass *through* Montreal is asking for nothing but trouble.

Just outside the city we ran into a massive traffic jam. Alan managed to find a great detour through the town, but we lost an hour over all (we weren't the only ones trying to find another way through the city, traffic was awful). We later heard on the radio that the problem had been a truck that had gone through a guard rail, hit an overpass, and caught on fire. So that was random.

So after our long detour and lost time, we managed to make a bit of time back. Then, just outside of the exit to Riviere de Loups, we ran into another traffic jam. This one happily only took up another 15 minutes, but as we got to the front of it, we saw what was the problem - another truck on fire. I don't understand how two trucks could have caught on fire on the same day, on our route home.

Then, to make things really perfect, there was extended highway construction on the last stretch of highway from Quebec into New Brunswick. The long and short of it is that we lost so much time with the traffic jams and construction, that we came to the realization that there was no way we were going to make it to Moncton at anything resembling a decent hour. Based on what the GPS told us was the remaining distance, I think it would have been 2am before we made it. We just did not have it in us to drive that long.

So, Alan made a couple of phone calls, first to his mother. She had gotten us the room in Niagara with reward points, and she said we were ok to do the same thing to get a hotel room tonight so we could get off the roads before we passed out. Alan then called and got us a hotel reservation in Fredericton, another 2 hours from where we currently were. We were lucky the room was going to be free, because the rate on the room would otherwise have been $179/night. I was stunned at that, and was looking forward to seeing what kind of room we'd get for that money.

Two hours later, we get into town, and Alan checked us in. The person at the desk gave us another free upgrade, for whatever reason. I could not even imagine what an upgrade to a $179/night room would be. So we walk in to our room, and ours jaws simultaneously dropped, I think.

We aren't in a room, we're in a suite...we have a huge sitting room, with the bedroom separated by French doors off on the side. We have a full bathroom off the sitting room, and anothe ensuite bathroom in the bedroom. I have never even seen a hotel room with two bathrooms. I didn't know they existed outside of ridiculous places like Beverly Hills. The furniture in the suite is incredible too. There's these wooden tables with enamel inlays, and this incredible carved shelf that I want to take home with me.

So yeah, the night has not ended at all where or how I thought it would. This room is nuts. I feel very spoiled, and a little afraid that someone will realize that we don't belong in places this fancy, and that they put us in the wrong room. Until they do though, I'm going to pass out in this king sized bed, so I can finish the drive home tomorrow. Good night!

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