Monday, September 07, 2009

Home again

Hello again, sorry for the lack of posting. This weekend has been a combination of vacation recovery and catching up with things at home, which has left me with not a lot of time for updates.

The trip home on Friday from Fredericton was uneventful for the most part. We did have a slight delay at the airport, as their was some construction going on on an overpass. While we were stopped on the highway, before we could see what the delay was, Alan said he was convinced it was another burned out truck. I wouldn't have been surprised if that was true.

After we got home nd got the car unpacked, we went and picked up the cats from the place we had them boarded. They were, of course, terrified to see us. It's nice to feel like you were missed =P After much cajoling and comforting we finally got them packed in the car and home. They adjusted pretty quickly to being home again though, and remembered that they like us.

The rest of Friday was just relaxing and being glad to be home. Most of the last few days have been that, though we've been out to see friends too. We went out for supper with Steve on Saturday since he's in town, and hung out at Gord's for a while after that. Yesterday we went over to see Erin's new place. She's got a very nice apartment in Dartmouth, it should be very good for her there. I also went back to work yesterday and did an open house in the afternoon.

A fair part of this afternoon was spent getting the kitchen ready for Alan and dad to do some work on it tomorrow. They're going to reframe the wall we tore out like a year and a half ago, so we'll have insulation there again this winter, how novel! After that was done we went out for supper with mom, which was very nice. Thanks again for dinner mom :)

So that's all the news from the last few days. It's back to the office tomorrow, the resumption of real life after the vacation. I will post again when I have more news!

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