Friday, September 18, 2009


I think that this has been the longest week of my life. As I posted previously, I bought a motorcycle, but couldn't bring it home right away. Since I was relying on the kindness of others, namely dad and his friend Glen (he owns a trailer), to get the bike home, it had to wait until Thursday. The week has consisted mostly of me moping and wishing the bike was here.

Finally Thursday came, and after a long day of waiting, I headed out to dad's when he got off work, and we hitched up the trailer and headed to Truro. It's only 45 minutes to an hour to get out there, so it wasn't a bad drive at all. We got there in good time, and got the registration signed over to me from the dealer. They helped dad load it onto the trailer, gave me the keys, and we headed home. I didn't panic at all about some silly disaster happening, like the ties on the trailer coming loose and the bike flying onto the highway. Ok, maybe I panicked a little bit.

Dad had to laugh at me on the way home because I was literally twitching and fidgeting the whole ride home. I am very lucky he's a patient man. The sad part was that due to some work obligations, it would be after dark before I would have free time, and I'm not comfortable enough yet to drive at night, so riding would have to wait for Friday.

We got the bike back to my house safely, of course, and parked it in the driveway. Then we promptly dropped the bike on the ground three times in a row. Yes, we did this on purpose. Dad was showing me how you lift the bike up if it tips over, without throwing out your back and/or needing multiple people. It's rough, but I can straighten it back up now. One more thing I have to repeatedly thank my father for.

Again, due to work and other obligations, I could not immediately jump on the motorcycle when I woke up this morning. I finally got to go for a ride this afternoon. I'm posting some pictures at the end of my bike and me on it. It was very exciting, but alas it was also very quickly over. I was just driving the quiet streets around my neighborhood, and very quickly realized that even that is testing my level of comfort. The bike is a lot more powerful than the ones we used in the training course, and I still have to spend enough time thinking about the mechanics of it that I felt a bit worried about meeting up with other cars. In addition to that, my oil light was on the entire time, which concerned me.

So after a few loops of the neighborhood I headed home again, where I promptly dropped the bike again. I can only imagine how hilarious I must have looked if any of the neighbors happened to catch me sitting on the ground next to my horizontal motorcycle. My driveway is on a bit of a hill, and I was going slow trying to get positioned right to park. I ended up stalling it, and the lack of forward momentum threw off my balance and I wasn't able to hold the bike up. No worries, I am perfectly fine. I had enough warning and control to lay it down gently, without pinning myself under it or anything. Thanks to the lesson from dad yesterday, and a bit of help from Alan, I got the bike standing again, no harm done.

Dad told me how to check my oil and what kind I have to get to replace it, so hopefully tomorrow I can address the oil light issue and go for another ride. I think my next trip out will be to a parking lot up the street from us that is empty on weekends. I definitely need a bit more practice there before spending any length of time on the streets. I'm taking it slow and easy, I'd rather be safe and careful than instantly cruising the highways. I intend to be having fun on my motorcycle for a long time, so there's no need to rush and do something stupid! I'm too cautious for that =P

Here's some pictures of my new baby :)

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OMG! Do you ever look cute! (did I say that?? lol)