Saturday, September 12, 2009

Being happy is nice

Today is awesome. As of today, I am the proud owner of a 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650cc motorcycle. You can see the original ad (at least as long as it's up) here: HONDA 650 Nighthawk in TRURO, NS - AutoTrader There are good pictures of it there. I will post my own pictures when I actually bring the bike home, which will be later this week. It's in Truro, and I don't feel comfortable doing that long of a drive yet, so dad is going to talk to a friend of his who has a trailer, and we'll bring it home some evening this week that works for him.

So yeah, I'm ridiculously happy. Dad came and got me around 10 this morning and we drove out to Truro to look at the bike. We went on dad's bike of course, so I got a good ride. Not having a bike of my own, and not living with dad, I haven't gotten to go for a long bike ride in a while. It was all on the main highway though, so we got to Truro pretty quick and found the bike shop in good time.

Dad looked it over when we got there, as he knows all the mechanical stuff. There were a couple of small things, but dad said they were only an hour's worth of work, and $15 worth of parts, so no biggie. Nothing you wouldn't expect to find on a 27 year old bike he said, and I trust him. If I can trust anyone to know about motorcycles, it's dad! We also made sure the bike fit me. I could reach all the levers and pedals, and I could have my feet flat on the ground, so that was fine. The salesperson came out and started it for us too, so we could hear the engine and exhaust. It has an aftermarket exhaust, so you never know what those will end up sounding like, but it was fine. I didn't want one of those obnoxiously loud exhausts, so I was relieved.

With all my criteria met, I paid them for the bike (and I didn't pay what it was advertised at), and then sadly had to leave it there. I'm going to call them Monday to get the MVI number and the VIN, so I can get it registered right away, in hopes of being able to drive it as soon as I get it home. Dad is going to let me know tomorrow night what day we can get it. I'm a bit antsy, as I'm sure you can imagine.

After this, dad and I stopped to get some lunch. It was my treat, as I feel a free lunch is the least I owe my father for taking all this time out of his day to help me, and he has answered endless questions up to this point too. After that we headed home, but happily did not go back using the boring main highway! We took all the side roads and secondary highways out to the Musquodoboit Valley, then to dad's house in Lake Echo. It was just a gorgeous day and a great drive.

For those of you that have never been on a motorcycle, it is an entirely different experience than riding in a car. It's like the difference between looking out your living room window at the ocean, and actually standing on the beach. When you're on the bike the things you see just seem so much closer and more real, and you can hear and smell everything too. For example, we drove over a little wooden bridge somewhere, and you could hear the water running beneath you, and smell the difference in the air near the water. You just don't get that in the car. I'm sure those kind of things don't make a difference to everyone, but I just find you experience so much more of the places you travel then when you're in the car.

I think my day was pretty much summed up by a moment I had as we were driving home, not too far out of Truro. The road was empty except for us, the sun was shining and the view was incredible, and I thought to myself "Sometimes, life is awesome."


Jacki said...

Congratulations for making your dream come true! That bike is hot! Totally badass!

Billy said...

Hey Erin... Great looking bike. I was down at DMV today and put the 'A' endorsement on. Can you beleive its been a month already. I am waiting on finding the right bike. I'll be sure to post it for anyone that wants to know... Take care.

Erin said...

Thanks Jacki, I'm pretty fond of it myself :)

Hi Billy! Tell me about it...I still need to get to the DMV and get my license upgraded. I'll probably do that tomorrow. I hope you find the right bike soon, don't want to miss the rest of the season!