Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slow week

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of the title implies, it has been a really slow week. I don't know if I'm still burnt out from the weekend or what, but I have not had the energy to do much lately. I don't think the heat is helping, it's so hot I can barely move. We can't's either rain for weeks, or oppressive heat.

The only big news is that the family piano is now at my house. We have a beautiful antique piano, I think it's like 120 years old or something ridiculous like that (my sister can correct me in the comments if I'm off). I say it's beautiful, but I have a tendency to love old, impractical things. My sister is a fantastic piano player, I've never done more than dabble with it, but I do enjoy it. Our piano is not one a professional would want to play, but I've always loved it.

My dad has had it for several years now, in his basement. I had said quite some time ago that I would like to have it moved to my place at some point. It happened this week because dad wants to renovate his basement, which means getting the piano out of it. The place I called to have it moved by were very quick, picking it up Monday afternoon, and dropping it off to us on Tuesday morning. Now I just have to get it tuned, and get some of our old music books back from dad so I have something to play.

I was worried about my cats harming the piano, as they have scratched other wooden surfaces, but I think they're scared of it. When it was first moved to the house they wouldn't go near it. A few hours later, I heard a few random keys get plunked, so I assume one of them tried to jump up on it. However, the sound seems to have terrified them, and I haven't seen either of them go near it since, nor heard any other random plunkings. It is rare that my cats refuse to go near something they could wreck, so I'm quite pleased with this result.

The only other real news is I'm going away on Saturday. We're off to visit Alan's family in the States for a bit. I'll be getting ready for the over the next couple days, getting laundry and packing done, that kind of stuff. Seeing as that's not particularly exciting, I probably won't have much to say for the next couple days, but hopefully the vacation will yield some stories.


Anonymous said...

Kitties didn't like the piano... Well, how did they like the "Home Grown" stuff? Vera said it just mellowed out her's. Take care, have a great vacation.

BTW, I have almost talked myself into a bike. Its a little bigger than I originally thought but go big or go home. Its a 2001 Suzuki Intruder 1500.... Cheers.


Jacki said...

You got the piano? That's great! You will be back into it in no time!

Beverly said...

One piano tuner told me that piano keys were standardized to 88 in 1895 and since your piano only has 85 keys, it has to be pre-1895. Also, the brand name is Nordheimer, probably from German, so you might be able to find out more if you Google.