Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Safety First!

Hello! See, I'm a good blogger, posting regularly. If I keep saying that, it will eventually be true.

So yesterday I purchased a motorcycle helmet. But Erin, do you own a motorcycle? No, no I don't. But I intend to! And next weekend I take the motorcycle safety and licensing course to learn to drive one. Of course, they require that you have a helmet for the course (they supply the motorcycles, so it's not a bad deal in that respect).

Now of course, I know very little about motorcycle helmets, other than that the silly little half-head ones are dumb and won't protect you from anything unless it drops straight down on you from directly above. My motorcycle-enthusiast father has taught me enough for me to recognize that things like that increase your chance of being killed. While I recognize there is a level of danger inherent in riding motorcycles, as with most things, I do want to reduce it as much as possible.

Knowing very little about helmets and what I should purchase, I had invited my aforementioned motorcycle-enthusiast father to come shopping with me. He proved invaluable from the get-go, by telling me which of the local cycle shops would have the best selection of helmets. We met there when he got off work, and spent a fun hour of selecting from what they had.

Dad pointed out various features of the different helmets since I didn't know what to look for, and pointed me towards the best style for the type of bike I intend to get. Beyond that it was mostly selecting a paint job. My first choice was, I admit, a bit girly. Not super girly...from a distance it would just look like a silver helmet, but up close it had a nice design of swirls and flowers in another shade of grey. Feminine, but not in your face, OMG-it's-pink kind of feminine. I also did not opt for the helmet with the buxom woman riding what looked to be a motorcycle exhaust pipe. I did not really understand what kind of woman that helmet was aimed at.

Sadly, the pretty helmet was not there in my size. We asked one of the salespeople if he could order one in for me, and when he tried we found out that helmet had been discontinued. I was very sad, but clearly it was not meant to be.

The other helmets aimed at girls were way too over the top for me, so I went for a simple, functional model, which you can see here. I got the FS-15 Solid in Anthracite. If they had had red I would have gotten that, but alas, it was grey, black or yellow. Grey it is.

Again they did not have my size in stock, so I had to order one, this time with success. My helmet should be arriving early next week, and I will be one step closer to being a biker! I am very excited.

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Jacki said...

That helmet is hot!