Saturday, August 29, 2009

More from New York

We've been keeping nicely busy here in New York. Yesterday Art's brother and his brother's girlfriend came over, and we packed the family into the RV for some sightseeing. We went over to a town called Naples, which is part of the wine-making region here. We didn't go there for wine though, we went for their famous grape pies. We went to a little house where the front door has been converted to a counter, where they take your order and bring the pies and tarts you ask for. I believe it was called "Cindy's Grape Pies"...pretty self explanatory. We got a grape pie, a peach pie, and a raspberry pie, as well as some grape filled cookies. We were saving the pie for supper, but snacked on the cookies as we continued driving. They were fantastic, I've never had such good grape filling. It tasted like grape juice, but less artificial and better.

From there we went on to a little farmer's market and picked up a few things to bring back home. They had some great looking produce, I picked out a basket of fresh peaches that looked excellent (and turned out to be as tasty as they look). We also picked up some honey from a local places called Wixson's that was selling there. Wixson's is a place Alan and I had visited a few years ago while he still lived in New York, so we were happy to get some of their stuff.

The next stop on our tour was a ways outside of town. The area we're in is known as the Finger Lake region, which has 5 very large lakes cut out by glaciers, so they are all very long in the north-south direction, but fairly narrow in the east-west. Most of the lakes are bordered by very high hills on the east and west banks. The lake we were on is Canandaigua Lake, and along one of the hill ridges on that lake they've put in a wind farm, with lots of new windmills.

Art took us up this long, winding dirt road to the ridge with the windmills. It was so steep that we had not actually been sure if the RV would make it up, but it did. You could drive right up to the base of the wind towers. I've seen them before of course, but never up so close. It was incredible to stand right under them, they're so large it's almost unbelievable. I was actually getting vertigo looking up at them. In an odd way, it didn't even feel real, it was like I was looking at a movie screen. I think it's just because you never see something so large like that in real life..huge propellers and motors that look like plane engines, but on a massive scale, are just not something that are part of your everyday sights. It was hard to wrap your head around.

The other thing that struck me was how quiet they were. Now, it wasn't a particularly windy day, so maybe that was part of it, but the only noise you could hear from them was a slight "whoosh" as a blade went by. It was such a tiny noise for such a massive object.

Once we were done gawking at the windmills, we headed back towards home, taking a scenic drive up the shore of Canandaigua Lake. When we got to the town of Canandaigua, we pulled up on a wharf and parked to eat supper overlooking the lake. When we got through supper, we had one of the grape pies we had bought earlier. They were just as excellent as the cookies had been...I can't believe I'd never thought of grape pies before, they're wonderful. Jacki, you need to learn to make grape things.

After dinner and pie it was pretty late so we headed home for the night. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. Alan's parents have a knack for finding neat places to go and fun ways to spend the day.

Today was pretty quiet and simple. We slept in a bit, and then Alan and I headed over to an outlet mall about a half hour from here to see if we could find some deals. Alan found a very nice leather jacket at the Wilson's outlet store. He got it for $130, down from an original price of about $300. There were several coats I liked too, but I have a leather jacket already, so I contented myself with a new wallet.

We also got some good deals at the Reebok outlet store. They were doing buy one, get the second half price, so Alan and I both got a new pair of running shoes. They were cheap even without getting one pair half price. We got the two pairs for $100 together...I don't think we could have gotten one pair of them for that price at home, so we were very pleased. Alan also got a pair of jeans from Old Navy for $6.50...I mostly can't believe he only got one pair at that price, I'd have gotten more. That store was so busy though, I didn't really want to stay to find some myself. I'm kind of regretting that though, so I may talk Alan into going back on a less busy day than Saturday. Overall, some good deals were had!

I think that's all the news for now, except that we've decided to extend our vacation for an extra day for the purpose of visiting Jacki & John in Toronto on our way home. The place we have our cats boarded was ok with keeping them an extra day for us. We won't get to spend much time with them since we have to leave early the next day, but we can at least say hi and catch up a little bit, and see their new apartment. So mom, we'll be Friday, not Thursday, ok? I will post more as there's news.


Beverly said...

Excellent! Jacki & John will be so pleased to have you. Things are all good here - glad you're having such a good time


Jacki said...

Ooh, I've never heard of grape pie, I will have to look into this!