Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hooray for exercise

I know, who doesn't already know that exercise is great for them? Why am I bothering to celebrate it? Mostly because I just finished exercising, and it makes me feel good to do it, so I figured I'd write about it.

I've managed 3 straight days now of doing some sort of exercise. That is usually as many as I get before the weekend kicks in and I get lazy. Tomorrow is Friday, so we shall see, I guess. I try to alternate the types of exercise I do - weights and yoga one day, cardio on my Gazelle the next.

While I have not been consistent with this, getting in only two or three days a week, even that has been helping. I am starting to see something resembling muscle definition in my arms again, which is really nice. My biceps turning flabby is something that had really been bothering me, so it's great to see improvement. I also know I'm getting stronger because yoga isn't wearing me out quite as badly, and I'm doing longer sets with the weights (10-12 reps instead of 8). So it's little stuff, but it's improvement and it's encouraging. The more results I see, the more I actually want to exercise. I think I might even be losing a couple of pounds, which is really fabulous.

What I'd really like to work up to is biking. I have a really nice bike, and I really enjoy biking, but I live in the middle of a very steep hill. And all the streets around us are hills. It is really, really discouraging to try to go for a bike ride, and be too exhausted to move five minutes away from the house. I just don't have the strength yet to tackle the hills around here. While loading the bike into the car and driving somewhere else to bike always feels dumb to me, I think I'm going to have to start sucking it up and do that. I have a (very) long-term goal of biking the Cabot Trail, and I am never going to accomplish that by not biking.

It will have to wait until at least next week though, as tomorrow is the beginning of the other type of biking class. I will be blogging all about it!

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Jacki said...

ugh, I need to start working out too! I think it can wait until I get into my new apartment though :) Keep up the good work!