Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Hello America....we meet again"

I said as we drove through Calais after crossing the American border. Alan thought this was funny and laughed at me.

So yes, I'm in New York now, typing in the comfort of the ridiculously nice RV Alan's parents bought, and which they are letting us use as our home while we stay with them for the next week or so.

The hurricane on Sunday was completely overblown. The reporters on the weather channel had been going nuts with dire predictions and warnings (i.e. telling people in condo buildings they should wait out the storm in the lobby rather than on higher floors). We did definitely get a lot of rain and a few areas did have some flooding, but on the evening news the only footage they had to show was of a single fallen tree. They showed that footage at least 6 times, I wish I was exaggerating. The storm did leave us a lovely sunset at least, as the sun tried to peek through the clouds as it was setting. I was driving over to Steve's house to visit him, and there was a break in the clouds with a beam of sunlight shining through, like the hand of something holy reaching down to bless the earth. It was gorgeous.

With no real damage reported, we decided to assume our house was fine, and to leave for New York on Monday morning, as was the original plan. We left Moncton at about 7:30 in the morning. The trip was largely uneventful, and we arrived in Geneva, NY only a half hour later than Alan had predicted, which was not bad considering we made a few more pit stops than we had expected. We took turns driving all day, though I'm pretty sure Alan did more than I did...during one of my turns my phone started ringing and I ended up having to let Alan drive so I could get some work stuff cleared up. It is a fact that as soon as I try to take time off, my phone rings off the hook.

All in all, it took us 14.5 hours to make the trip from Moncton. The worst part of it was not the distance (though I admit that many hours in a car is not fun on any level), but the lack of air conditioning in our car. It had been raining in the morning when we left, but it was much clearer in the afternoon, so our car was like a sauna. We were quite relieved when the sun started going down and it cooled down again.

Alan's family were, of course, very glad to see us when we got here. Having gotten in so late we didn't spend a lot of time with them though. They showed us around our accomodations, and we caught up for about half an hour, by which time Alan and I were nodding off on the couch, so we said our good nights and passed out.

We are much refreshed today, though we're taking it pretty easy after the long trip. Alan had a school paper he had to finish writing, which he did this afternoon (so yay, I can have my laptop back for important things like blogging!), and I took a walk in the sun for a while. I think Alan is in the house right now, visiting with his grandmother. I think I will go join him, and I'll be back here writing when we do some interesting things to tell you about! :)

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Jacki said...

Glad to hear you made it safe! You should stop into Toronto on the way home :P