Saturday, August 08, 2009

Day 3

I can't believe I've been here three days already. I am having too much fun.

We had a bit of a slower day today. Slept in a bit to catch up on lost sleep, and spent a bit of time in the city.

We started the day with a fun lecture called "The Knights Who Say F***". Guy Gavriel Kay was one of the panelists, and it was on the use of contemporary language in settings of high fantasy. It was another fabulous and interesting discussion, and combined with several other people mentioning her in this convention, has left me with a desire to read some of the works of Ursula K. LeGuin.

After a little break, we attended another Neil Gaiman event. It was a reading. He read one of his short stories first, which was very good. It wasn't one I had read before, so it was a combined goodness of listening to Neil, and hearing a new story. His second reading was a "love letter", published in a collection of love letters released on Valentine's Day. He gave a funny intro about how he wasn't know for his handling of love affairs in his writing, and how he'd been delighted to write a "proper love letter" for this book. He then read his love letter, which was awesome, but showed why he's not known for his romantic literature. It was a really great reading overall, and he just keeps reinforcing my conviction that he is awesome.

After the reading we took a few hours off from the convention, and took advantage of the lovely weather to see a bit of the city. We strolled around a bit of old Montreal, and had lunch in a nice street-side patio. It was a really nice way to spend the afternoon.

For the evening we both went to a panel. I attended one on archaeology and world-building (i.e. creating histories for fictional worlds) which was pretty interesting, but not as good as I had hoped. Erin attended one on the making of "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?", a book of pictures of Amanda Palmer in various poses pretending to be dead, and stories about the deaths by Neil Gaiman. It's not a book I've read yet, but I think I will have to, as I love the concept.

The last event of the day was the Masquerade, which is the show of the costumes people made, to be judged. Most of the costumes were really clever and impressive. Some of the highlights were a phoenix costume, a vampire costume I think was based on a manga or anime character, and a Klingon/Batman crossover that was hilarious. There was a long break between the end of the show and the judging, during which they showed old Looney Tunes clips, including on of my favorites, the Barber of Seville. We stuck around to watch those until they were showing ones we didn't like, then headed out. We didn't care about who won the contest, we had just wanted to see the costumes.

Now we're having a relaxed evening watching The Two Towers, Erin doing her cross stitch and me blogging! Resting up for tomorrow, the last day we'll be here at the convention. It actually continues on Monday, but we fly out at the crack of dawn that day. I will be sad to leave, this has been too much fun. Ah well, I still have another day to enjoy yet!

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