Monday, August 03, 2009

Catch up time

So, four a lot of stuff has happened in that time. Here's the short version of the long story.

First, boyfriend and I bought a house. We have been living together here for almost 4 years. The house turned out not to be quite as fantastic as we thought it was, and we are trying to get it fixed up so we can sell it when our mortgage is up for renewal in a year. We have two cats for children.

The dream job ended up not being so dreamy. After much mucking about chasing contracts and empty promises, I decided that I was not getting anywhere there. Opportunities for archaeology are limited in Halifax and after much soul searching, I decided a new career path was in order. I am now in real estate, which has been quite enjoyable. It is definitely a hard business to break in to, but I work with some great agents and a great company (RE/MAX). I am two years in now, and they say it takes 3-5 years to really be fully "in" the business. I feel like I'm doing well at it.

My personal life has had its ups and downs, like anyone's does. I've slowly been making some changes for the better, like quitting silly games that suck my time and creativity away. I'm also trying to exercise more, and just generally develop some good habits and new hobbies.

My sister moved to Toronto last week, which is sad (only for selfish reasons, her and her boyfriend have great things awaiting them there). My best friend is moving back home from Toronto next month though, which is happy! Also, her and I are going to Montreal on Thursday for World Con, where we are going to geek it up hardcore. I am very excited. At the end of the month, Alan and I are going to New York to visit his family for a week, which should also be fun.

That's the last 4 years, and current events, in a nutshell. Now it's time for me to start blogging responsibly again so people have something to read if they check my site!


Brian Mullins said...

Am glad to see things are going fairy well with you both. Life is tough out there, good to see you two are managing well =)

Jacki said...

Yay! You're blogging again! I started a new journal-blog too. Fun!