Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogging from Moncton

Wow, my blog is getting very well traveled...first posts from Montreal, now from Moncton. I feel so worldly ;)

So yes, I'm here in Moncton. This is a stopover on our trip to New York. The original plan was that we would stay here overnight, and head out tomorrow morning. We've changed plans, however, because of Hurricane Bill. We decided that we'd rather wait another night in Moncton and see if the hurricane is bad enough to have damaged our house. We'd rather be 3 hours away if we have to get home than 15 in New York.

So we had a good trip here. The cats had to be dropped off at The Cat's Inn early this morning. We've boarded them there before, they've got a nice place and treat the cats well. My cats don't realize that though, and were not pleased at all with being left. Alan and I both have the scratch marks to prove it. They'll forgive us for it eventually, I'm sure.

The drive itself was uneventful, there really wasn't much traffic at all. Most of the vehicles we did see had out of province plates, so I think all the tourists were heading out before the hurricane hits. It made for nice driving though, and we got to Moncton in good time.

We spent a nice afternoon relaxing with my grandparents, and then went out to a movie with our friend Steve after supper. We went to see District 9, which was pretty good. I think I would be raving about it quite a bit more if I had been able to watch it. It made unfortunate use of the "handy cam" type filming, which makes me ill, so I had to spend most of the movie looking away from the screen. It made it hard to get immersed in it. It was a good movie though, if you don't get bothered by that kind of filming, go see it.

That's all the news for today...we'll see tomorrow how bad the hurricane actually ends up being!

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