Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm taking the plunge!

I accepted the dream job today, and told the company in Vermont that I was very sorry, but an opportunity I couldn't pass up was offered to me. Telling them was relatively quick and painless. They wished me well and I thanked them for offering me the job.

So I move home on the holiday weekend. My boyfriend is picking me up Friday, and we should be back in Dartmouth Saturday. I'm looking forward to being home again.

And Jacki, yes, he's going to go to school in Halifax. He actually wants to speak with you about the math department at SMU while he's there. I'll be in touch :)

Linda, are you back in res yet? I tried to clean it up as best I could, ask Norma Jean how much of our deposits we're getting back. You should have seen the small bathroom, it was disgusting :P


Linda said...

Congrats on the job!!! When do you start? Is it at a University or private company?? DETAILS LADY!
I am back at rez, the suite looked awesome when we got back, and I think they're only taking like $10 off. I'll let you know. Yeah there's a reason why I still don't go into the small bathroom. Has to do with recurring nightmares ;)
We also have new carpeting so it's actually quite nice in here now, and peaceful!! I can actually hear birds outside rather than bangings on the wall. But I gotta go, my 9 hours of class calls :'(

Linda said...

Hey! When are you ever gonna write again????

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