Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Thank you

Both today and yesterday, I came home to find a package waiting for me. Yesterday it was a care package from my best friend back home, with a note saying she knows I'm stressed, and she hopes this makes me smile. Today it was a book from my sister, with a note about how the book was about sisters, so who better to share it with. Thank you to both of you, you've both made my week happier.

These random acts of kindness have made me think about how very lucky I am. I have a boyfriend who loves me enough to have spent weeks of his life driving to see me, and to put up with the horrid distance without a word of complaint. I have a mother who welcomes me back home, even at the age of 26, because I don't have another place to go. I have a father who will drive halfway across the country to pick me up and take me home. I have an aunt and uncle who are happy to let me stay with them for a week while I wait for my father. I have a sister who has sent me care packages and little gifts just because she can, and thinks I'll like them. I have generous and loving grandparents. I have an aunt who has always been like a fun, close friend, even when I was a kid.

I adore my family, and I have always felt that I have been given the best of all worlds with them. I have always been proud of the family names I bear, and to be a part of the bloodlines I share, no matter how humble my grandmother may tell me our beginnings are. I have laughter and fun, I have generosity and support. I have had a kick in the butt when I needed it, and a shoulder to cry on when I needed that.

I have wonderful friends, as well as family. They have always been a source of support, laughter, wisdom and advice. They have always forgiven me my often poor communication. Our differing philosophies do not prevent our friendships, only spark interesting conversation. My friends have gotten me through more hard times than I can ever tell them. My Epic Mess, no matter whether your initials made it into the name.

I am truly blessed, and I am so thankful for the people in my life. I thank you all for everything, and I love you all dearly.

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