Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Being a geek is fun

My level of geekiness went up a few points today I think. In one of my classes today, we started learning Linux. It is my understanding that only nerds really know any Linux.

I am pleased about this.

I spent many years trying not to be a geek. I really did. I tried to hang out with the cool kids, do the cool stuff, say the cool things. I failed miserably. In high school I finally came to terms with my geekdom. Being a geek is fun. It means I get to know things that others don't, and they need me to fix their computer. It means that not only can I play video games, watch Star Trek reruns, program HTML for fun, read comic books and all sorts of other geeky things, but it means I'm allowed to admit it! My boyfriend thinks my geekiness makes me the coolest girlfriend ever.

Being a geek also means I get most of the jokes on Think Geek. That is the greatest site ever, it truly is. Check out the motivational posters in the Cubicle Goodies category. The one about meetings is my favorite. Sweet, sweet Think Geek. Learning Linux means I'm one step closer to getting every joke on that site.

Another thing about Linux - the different shells crack me up. The normal shell is the "Bourne" shell...a later version is the "Bourne Again" shell. I love that...I love it even more that it's abbreviation is "bash". There's also the C Shell. My prof said that the shells talk to the kernel...and one of the shells is actually the "Korn" shell. So the Korn is talking to the kernel. lol. The people that write Linux are obviously having fun. I like that.

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