Monday, March 28, 2005

The search continues

As the title implies, I have not yet found a permanent job. However, my current boss is trying to entice me to stay here until I do (for those who don't know, I presently work for a cell phone dealership, just something to make a bit of money while I'm in school). He's offering me a cheap apartment on a month to month basis, and told me to do some number crunching to figure out how much of a raise and how many hours I'd need to pull it off. He said he understands I'd be looking for permanent work and may leave anytime. He just wants me to stay and work for him until then, rather than let me go home to Nova Scotia and work a crap job there.

It's quite the generous offer, and it's very nice to know I have a back up plan. That said, I really don't fancy the idea of staying in Lindsay. There's not really anything to do here, and all my friends are far away. If I went home and worked in retail there, I could at least live with mom and save a lot of money that way (and by save, I mean make extra payments on my line of credit). I'd also be closer to some of my friends and family. The downside is that I'd be far, far away from my boyfriend, which is very bad. I also like the idea of having my own apartment (no offense mom! I love you lots, but I'm kind of getting antsy to not live at home anymore).

The alternative I really want, if I must take a temporary job while I seek real employment, is to return to the field crew I've worked on before in New York. Watertown is a yucky place to live, but I'd be close to the boy, still semi-close to Toronto (that's where my best friend will be this summer), close to Kingston where some of my other good friends are, and I would have my own place. Most importantly, I'd be working on archaeology, which is my real love. Work related to the field I want to be in is infinitely greater than a retail job.

So, in an effort to arrange this, I emailed my old boss from NY today. I explained the situation to her, and hopefully she'll get back to me in a day or two telling me they'd love for me to come back. I also called my old land lord tonight, to see if he had any apartments available. He was a good landlord when I was there before, his apartments were a great price, and he rents on a month to month basis, which is a must. From what he told me about the housing situation in Watertown right now, it's a good thing I called. It's apparently a mess there right now. But anyways, he thinks he could have one ready for me. He told me to call him when I know for sure if I'm coming back, and we can work out the details then. So that looks promising anyways, just need to wait and see what my old boss says.

That's the highlights of the job hunt right now. I can't even seem to get an interview with anything I've applied to. It's getting depressing. All the jobs in Canada require qualifications I don't have, and all the jobs in the US don't seem to want to consider hiring a foreigner. I'm really hoping that if I can go back to NY, the fact that I'm already working in the US will help me get some interviews there. Time will tell. Wish me luck!


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