Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sad events

A little while ago I made a post about why I don't drink or do drugs. I also said in it that I don't generally have a problem with other people doing them, as I feel everyone is free to make their own choices.

I still believe that, but a recent event has been troubling me. This article has the details. While my moral issues with marijuana are less than those with other drugs, I think this shows that a serious price may have been paid for the joint you're smoking.

Some people have said that this tragedy is an argument in favor of legalization. I won't say it isn't. Fight for legalization to your heart's content, but until it is legal, you should stop and think about what your purchase of weed has supported, and possibly contributed to.

I'm sorry to preach, I usually try to avoid that, but this horrid event has touched me and I could not ignore it.

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