Sunday, March 13, 2005

My story continues

The story I mentioned a few posts back has grown again. Tonight I wrote what I believe is the opening scene for it. I'm nervous and excited. Excited because I feel like I'm writing something significant, for the first time in a long time. Nervous because I'm afraid that after talking about it so much, I'll end up abandoning it, and looking silly. Ah well, I've already talked about it here twice, so I might as well continue, eh?

I find writing to be an amazing, but often frustrating endeavour. I have no idea what it's like for other people, of course, but I find that an idea will sit in my head and gnaw at me until I get it out. However, it doesn't care how I go about getting it out. If I tell a friend what the plot I'm thinking of is, I will never write it, because the idea has already been expressed, just vocally. It's like the ideas are trapped in my mind, and as soon as they become free, they are gone forever. I have to be careful how I release them, so that they aren't lost permanently. For this reason you'll never see me discuss the actual plot of my story here. Until it is written, I must keep it trapped in my brain.

I'm finding myself wishing that I had taken creative writing classes at some point too. I feel that while my ideas are often good, my execution is often lacking, at least in my mind. I think I'm particularly bad at scene description, which is ironic considering the landscapes of my imagination are detailed to the blades of grass and the cracks in the stone walls. I just never convey my mental pictures well.

I'm still considering starting an actual website as well. Its main purpose would be to publish my writings, once I get a bit more done, to get some feedback and constructive critcism. However, I am completely unfamiliar with the complexities of internet copyrights. If I publish a story, or even part of it, does it become public domain because it's on the web? Or can I just write at the bottom that everything is "Copyright me, 2005, blah, blah", and that makes it so? Is there a copyright process I must engage in before I can write the copyright bit on the bottom of my page? I should probably look into that kind of thing. If anyone knows a good site with an outline or summary of internet copyrights, I'd be appreciative.

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