Saturday, March 12, 2005


I think this is awesome. As a girl who has quite strongly desired to have a hybrid car when possible, for environmental reasons, this is a very welcome discovery. In this age of incredible science, there is no excuse for the slow movement forward in finding alternative energy sources. Kudos to this company for creating an alternative, and to Willie Nelson for offering what publicity his name holds. I found this link on the blog of the Practical Hippie, and thought I should repost it to offer what small publicity my blog affords.

This has also served to remind me of the music of my childhood. My parents listened to nothing but country, and I grew up on some of the older stuff. I recall some Willie Nelson songs I liked...I should find some copies of them. And maybe some of the old Statler Brothers. I loved the Statler Brothers. I hate new country, but some of the older stuff was wonderful. I've got some Johnny Cash, but that's it right now. I should work on expanding that area of my music collection.

I am much amused and pleased by the title of "Practical Hippie". My boyfriend jokes and calls me a hippy sometimes. I definitely have hippy leanings, but if I had thought of the phrase first, I think I would have liked to have been considered a practical hippy. I did not think of the phrase first though, so I won't try to claim it ;) I still think the best title I've ever been given was "Queen of the Harpies". I was called this by a guy who didn't really like me much, and he certainly didn't mean it as a compliment. However, it appealed to my imagination, and I was very entertained with the idea of having an army of harpies at my bidding. That would be kind of cool. So I took the title with pleasure, which I think only annoyed that guy more.

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