Friday, February 18, 2005

Good bye Visual Basic!

The project is done! Victory is mine!

I am a very happy girl, obviously. That project was hell on wheels. I can honestly say I know a whole lot more VB though, which is a good thing. I now feel confident in my ability to pass the practical exam, and probably pass it with very good marks.

In other news, my hunt for a job after graduation continues. For any out of work archaeologists out there, I found another nice job site, It's a message board where the webmaster just posts every job she finds or is sent to her. There's also a forum to post your resume for potential employers. I'm listed on there now, yay :)

And for you non-archaeologists, here's a fun site for you to check out: the Politcal Compass. I am a leftist libertarian. This was not surprising to me in any way. My boyfriend likes to call me a hippie sometimes to tease me, but I just remind him I don't do any drugs, and I bathe regularly (disclaimer: this is a joke! I don't really think that hippies are all dirty pot-heads). But yeah, that site is fun. There are a lot of really thought provoking questions on it really. Good site overall.

And finally, happy Friday everyone! Yay for that happiest of days, when work is done, and the whole weekend is still yet to come. I hope everyone has many wonderful adventures in their time off.

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