Monday, February 07, 2005

Back to the grind

My boy went home this morning, so it's back to the lab for me. Ah well, it was wonderful to see him. I seem to have jinxed him with my last post though, as the border guards did give him trouble. Next time I'll be sure not to mention anything. They made him pay duty on a late Christmas present, which sucks.

The present in question is a beautiful stone inlaid globe, which he bought for me in Grand Cayman on our cruise. I've wanted one forever, and they were a steal there. It took a few weeks to get shipped to him, that's why he was only bringing it now. It looks like this, only the stand on mine is silver. The stone types vary of course too. I think it's gorgeous.

I adore maps and globes. I suppose this makes sense considering I have a degree in geography and I'm doing GIS now. My dorm room has two big maps on the walls, and now I have my globe. I also have one of those wonderful books of pictures of the earth from space (this one). That was another present from my boyfriend, he spoils me rotten.

I love satellite photos of the earth, they're so beautiful. They remind me of what a treasure we have in this planet. At the same time, they serve as a reminder of the impact of what we do. It's incredible to see an aerial view of things like the perfect geometry of farmer's fields, or the spiderwebs of roads and highways. The planet is so large, and our viewpoint so limited, that it's easy to think that what we do doesn't affect much, but the satellite imagery shows just how much land we've affected, and how few untouched areas there are. I find it very humbling, and it reminds me that we have to be careful because our planet's resources are not unlimited, nor is her capacity for recovery.

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