Thursday, February 10, 2005


School is killing me right now. I go in early to work, I go back in the evening to work. When I was going back in a couple days ago, I passed one of my classmates in the hall. His greeting was "Welcome home". It's certainly starting to feel that way. Residence is just where I come to sleep and shower, and occaisionally eat. So, my apologies for the lack of updates this week.

The constant school work certainly makes life dull. I don't have much of a life. And joy of joys, I don't have to go to the lab tomorrow, but that's because I'm working all day. Even better, after my 8 hour shift I have a 2 hour staff meeting from 7-9pm. That's a fun way to spend a Friday night. I can't even imagine what we have to talk about for 2 hours that is so important it had to happen Friday. I can't imagine what we have to talk about for 2 hours at all, important or not.

So in the bit of spare time I do have, I've still been thinking about getting a proper website of my own. Can anyone recommend a good, free place to get webspace? I know that anywhere free is going to require I have ads on my page, but is there anywhere that the ads are relatively unobtrusive (i.e. especially no popups...banners I can deal with, popups are the devil). Recommendations are appreciated :)


Soaring said...

Try whoever you have an e-mail account with, like Virgin or NTL or AOL or Yahoo - Yahoo have geocities and you get a certain amount of free space and stuff - its pretty cool. Also Virgin too offer you free space. It depends on how much you need, I guess. I find a blog works just fine... Enjoying your blog, BTW.

Erin said...

Thank you Soaring, I appreciate the help!