Friday, February 11, 2005

And the dragon comes in the niiiiiiiiight!

If you haven't checked out my link to Homestarrunner to see StrongBad's emails, you really should. I just checked the site to see a new video, the Peasant's Quest Trailer. That's comedy gold (but only if you've seen the StrongBad email about Trogdor, and the Peasant's Quest do that!). As much as I love Trogdor though, the guitar email is my favorite one, by far. I fall out of my chair at much the same time StrongBad does. Man I love the emails.

Another good site is True Porn Clerk Stories. It's not what it sounds like. It's the blog of a woman who was a clerk in a video store, and her experiences there, mostly in regards to people renting porn. It's really funny, and anyone who's worked in any kind of retail can really sympathize with it, even if you've never done that particular line of work. Definitely good reading.

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