Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I love getting groceries

I really do. Getting groceries has always been one of my favorite things, even when I was a kid. I just got back from getting groceries, and it makes me happy.

I lived in New York for a while (I had a job there), and my boyfriend would come over on the weekends. I'd always get him to take me grocery shopping. It would be one of the first things we'd do when he got there. The only thing that makes grocery shopping better, is grocery shopping with my boy. I think it maybe because it's such a cute little domestic thing to do. I hate cooking, but walking through the grocery store with him, I can think of nothing but how fun it will be to go home and put the groceries away and then make dinner, either together, or just me cooking for him. I am not usually the domestic type, but grocery shopping makes me silly.


I am having a lot of fun with this blog so far. I spent all last night figuring out how to add things to it. Now I've got my little quote at the top, my current favorite word at the bottom, and my list of links on the side. I'm so pleased. I keep checking my email to see if anyone has emailed me something to talk about yet too, which is silly because this is only day two. It's highly unlikely I have a fanbase yet (if ever). Ah well, it's amusing me, and I love to be amused.

I should tell you some more stuff about me, as nothing really interesting happened today to speak of. I'm a vegetarian, bet you didn't know that. I don't have any moral problem with eating animals, and I don't freak out if my food was cooked in the same pan as meat, or if someone with me is eating meat. That said, I do have some problems with how animals are often treated, but I'm not here to preach about that. I just don't want all the chemicals, antibiotics and hormones they pump into the animals these days. If I could get organic meat at reasonable prices, I'd eat it. And yes, I realize there's a lot of chemicals and such that vegetables get sprayed with too. It's mostly a case of extent, and I have to draw a line somewhere. I feel like not eating meat is the lesser evil. It's a personal choice though, I promise I'm not judging anyone who eats meat. Your body, your choice, that's how I feel about it.

I feel that way about most things. I think that as long as you're not hurting anyone else, you're free to do as you wish. My sister used to say the Golden Rule is "Don't be dumb." I feel like that's a good philosophy. Don't hurt anyone else, don't be dumb. Words to live by.

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Jacki said...

Stop judging me!!! *stuffs face with McChicken*