Saturday, January 29, 2005

I have been blessed!

By none other than God himself. I love his blog, it just proves my long-held opinion that God is a lot more fun than the Bible would have you believe ;)

All in all, it's been a pretty good day. It was relatively warm again today, which is always happy. I also got an increase in my hours at work (which is good considering that my income was going to be in the negative otherwise). And, joy of joys, when I came home I found that the Japanese black pine seed I had planted has sprouted! Someday, it's going to grow up into a beautiful bonsai (assuming I learn to do it properly. This site has some lovely pictures that have made me want to pursue learning how to do bonsai, so I bought a kit to start with, and we'll see how it turns out. It will take several years apparently, which is understandable, but I love plants, so I'm sure it will be worth it. Even if the bonsai doesn't work out, I'll have a pretty little tree to plant in my yard.

I am also quite pleased that it is day 5 of the blog, and I have posted daily. And I still love to post. Now I just need an audience to appreciate my havering. 2 points to anyone who knows what havering means without looking it up! Not that I can prove whether you looked it up or not, but 2 points anyways! In the immortal words of The Proclaimers, as interpreted by Less Than Jake, "And if I haver, whatever the fuck that means, I'm gonna be the [wo]man who havers next to you!"

I love that song.


Mick said...

Bonsais are cool...

I just wanted to comment on your post about Pakistan...


It's good to see someone who is willing to look beyond the mud slinging match that is Earth and actually think about your response to that persons question. I know this isn't what you're trying to do, but YOU MADE THEM APPEAR RATHER SILLY :) Well done!

Keep up the good posting! Im sure the masses will soon realise your blog is awesome and they will flock to read what you write next! bye 4 now :-P

Erin said...


Thanks Mick :)

And no, I wasn't trying to make anyone look silly. I don't think the person who sent me that email was trying to be foolish either, but responding to the general stereotype that everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist (of which group this person would be considered to belong if you pay too much attention to the media). Thanks so much for the comments and praise, it makes the blogging that much more fun :)