Monday, January 31, 2005

Fun with lectures!

So I just got out of class. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm taking a program in GIS. In the class I had today we were talking about networking, which is looking at things like traffic flow, figuring out shortest routes between points, that kind of stuff. Now, something to keep in mind here is that I'm a complete simpleton. I'm very easily amused and laugh at just about anything.

So my prof is talking about networking, and mentions that one application creates a file with a ".sec" extension. And then she says that yes, if you make an index of that file, the index extension is ".sex". I find this amusing. But then, my brain takes it a step further. What if you were doing a network of traffic, and the file was called "car"? You'd index it and get "". Or even better, what if it was a network of telephone lines, called "phone"? The index would be ""!

It was all I could do not to crack up in the middle of lecture. I had to cover my mouth to stifle the giggling. I can never, ever work in networking, because I'd be manipulating file names on purpose.

Then, she starts talking about the kind of data you need to have to do a network. One of things needed is a table showing what kind of turn can be made at a given intersection (like right on red, whether or not there's a flashing green, that kind of stuff). This table is, of course, called the turntable. So now she's talking about turntables and I get "Where It's At" by Beck stuck in my head ("I've got two turntables and a microphone").

The end result is me thinking about "Where It's At" combined with "". It was too much, I barely made it out of class alive. Yes, I'm a geek, and yes, I have too much imagination and not enough to do. It was fun :)


Michael said...

Thought I would visit after your kind comments on mine. Thank you. I was beginning to think I was the only one to read my stuff. I too am a Pisces and though not in school I work for a university (technology, online classes, graphics and imaging).

Had to laugh at, The tech world has its moments. Once had a lady friend instant message me in the middle of lecture I was giving - she didn't know I was in class; I didn't know IM was still running.

I will post a link to yours as well.

Jacki said...

What algorithms are you guys using to solve your "shortest routes" problems?

Jacki said...

P.S. Dude! When are you getting a counter???

Blog ho said...

haha. nice.

Soaring said...

Awesome! I've been sitting here at work bored out of my skull, all my efforts are going into resisting initiating conversations with the gorgeous man who sits at the fax machine(have to pick up faxes most days, resist the urge to e-mail him, resist the urge to ask him for coffee when I go on my breaks..)DANG! With all this effort going into resisting, I might not have any left for musing about!!! Don't it just makes things worse! What an awesome post - I really did giggle. you go girl!

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